Not Too Sharp, Rather Dull (Winter ’14 Big Show & Meeting)

NTS Winter Show: 

  • December 12, 2014. 8:00 PM. Strafford Room
  • Alumni dinner/drinks at Libbys starting at 6:00pm. Get there when you can. Please bring cash, to make it easier.
  • Current Group needs 3 alumni to arrive early to help with door/tickets.

The big show this year, under the name “Rather Dull”, will be on Friday, December 12th at 8:00 PM in the Strafford Room. As always, tickets are free for the Husky Club members. Attendance on FB is up almost 50% from last year at this time, and with four new members, we hope to have a lot of new fans. All that combined with an incredible online presence this Fall… you guys just might get your wish and have to stand in the back.

This Fall in a Nutshell: This has been one of the most fun semesters I have ever had in the group. The four new guys are all extremely talented and bring a fresh new perspective to our performances. We have performed all over NE this fall (including dorm shows, charitable functions, corporate dinners, and HS workshops) and sound the best we have ever sounded in the past 3 years. Hopefully we can live up to that statement in just two short weeks.

– Jack, Outgoing NTS President

NTSAA Meeting Agenda:

  • Updates from Board (Phil, Chris, Ross, Charles)
  • Updates from Current Group President (Jack)
  • Recap of 2014 Goals (Phil)
  • Goals for 2015
  • Open Floor
  • Elections

– Phil, NTSAA President