Not Too Sharp Alumni Association




The purpose of the Not Too Sharp Alumni Association is to provide financial and non-financial support to Not Too Sharp A cappella, to coordinate events with Not Too Sharp A cappella which foster a stronger relationship between the two organizations, and to further bolster and expand the image and success of Not Too Sharp A Cappella, its current members, and its alumni.



Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Not Too Sharp Alumni Association.

Hereafter referred to as NTSAA.




Section 1.  Member- Any person who chooses to participate in the NTSAA and performed with Not Too Sharp for a minimum of one full semester, and who left the group on their own free will.


Section 2.  Voting member- Any person who fits the above definition of member and who chooses to pay the annual dues amount established by the NTSAA Board and Voting Members.


Section 3.  Executive Board- Voting members nominated and elected by their fellow Voting members to fill the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.  Hereinafter referred to as the Board.




Section 1.  The general body of NTSAA shall be comprised of former members of the University of New Hampshire student organization Not Too Sharp, hereafter referred to as NTS.

Section 2.  Membership may be revoked for instances of gross misconduct whereby the reputation of NTSAA may suffer irreparable damage.  Revocation shall be initiated by any Voting Member and put to a vote of the full membership of NTSAA; a two-thirds majority is required.

Section 3.  Members who performed with NTS for a minimum of one semester and left the group on their own free will are invited to become Voting Members by paying annual dues as set by the board and approved by the Voting Members.

Section 4.  The privileges and responsibilities of Members are participating in NTSAA events and meetings.  Voting Members are entitled to the additional privilege of voting on NTSAA issues, receiving NTSAA goods at no additional cost, participating in NTSAA events at no additional costs, and guiding NTSAA projects and policies.



Section 1.  Meetings will be held twice a year immediately following the end of semester shows in December and May.  The Board shall meet twice a year in January and July in executive session.

Section 2.  Meetings shall be run by the President and follow an agenda set by the board.  Any Voting Member may submit to the Secretary, prior to a meeting, an issue to be added to the agenda according to the Bylaws.  The Secretary shall add the issue to the agenda to be brought up at the next meeting.



Section 1.  The organization shall have an Executive Board.

Section 2.  The Board shall provide for the smooth and effective administration of NTSAA.

Section 3.  The duties of the President shall be to run the meetings, preside over the NTSAA, and set the agenda with the other officers of the Board..  The duties of the Vice President shall be to assist the President, coordinate all NTSAA events, and set the agenda with the other officers of the Board.  The duties of the Treasurer are to manage the NTSAA funds, ensure that NTSAA complies with all federal and state laws and regulations, and set the agenda with the other officers of the Board.  The duties of the Secretary are to take minutes at meetings, initiate communication with the full membership and set the agenda with the other officers of the Board.  The duties of the historian are to collect and archive NTS memorabilia including but not limited to photos, recordings, albums, arrangements, meeting minutes, video recordings and advertising.

Section 4.  Terms for the President and Vice President shall be limited to one calendar year beginning on January 1.  Terms for the Treasurer, Secretary and Historian shall be one calendar year in length, beginning on January 1, and limited to two consecutive one-year terms.

Section 5.  The Vice President, at the conclusion of his term, shall assume the role of President for the following year.



Section 1.  Board elections should take place once per year at the December meeting in accordance with the election bylaws.

Section 2.  Voting Members may be nominated by another Voting member or be self nominated as a candidate for any office.  Candidates must be present for the election in which they stand and must attend all four meetings per year.

Section 3.  The members of the Board may be impeached and removed by the Voting Membership.  Grounds for impeachment are instances of gross misconduct, other actions which result in the image of NTSAA suffering irreparable harm, missing two or more meetings in any one year period.  Impeachment shall be initiated by at least one officer and require a three-fourths vote of the Voting Membership.

Section 4.  In the event of a midterm vacancy of an elected officer, the President shall appoint a Voting Member to fill the vacancy until the next meeting where an election can take place.



Section 1.  The Standing Committees of this organization shall be the Alumni Weekend Committee, Finance Committee and Show Committee.

Section 2.  The duties of the Alumni Weekend Committee are to coordinate alumni weekend events and performances according to the bylaws.  The duties of the finance committee are to determine the proper expenditures for the NTSAA.  The duties of the Show Committee are to coordinate the alumni presence at end of semester NTS shows according to the bylaws.

Section 3.  Committee members are appointed by the Board at the December meeting according to the bylaws.

Section 4.  All committees shall have a minimum of three and a maximum of seven members.

Section 5.  Additional Committees may be formed and dissolved by the organization according to the bylaws.



Section 1.  Bylaws of the organization shall be approved of and altered by a two-thirds majority of the Voting membership and a four-fifths majority of the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting.  Alterations to the Bylaws may be presented by any Voting Member according to the Bylaws.



Amendments to the constitution must be proposed by either the President or Vice President, pass a four-fifths majority in the Board and a two-thirds majority of the voting membership according to the Bylaws.



This constitution shall be established by a vote of a three-fourths majority of the Voting Membership of the organization.


Not Too Sharp Alumni Association





Section 1.  Dues are to be paid to the NTSAA by alumni wishing to become Voting Members.  Dues must be paid prior to January 1 for the year beginning on that date.

Section 2.  Dues are to be collected by the Treasurer in and deposited into an NTSAA account.  Dues may be paid by cash, check or via Paypal.

Section 3.  The rate of annual dues will be set by a vote of the Board at the July meeting for the following year.  The Treasurer shall recommend whether or not to increase dues and present to the board the reasons and evidence behind his recommendation.

Section 4.  Voting members are entitled to new Husky Club items when they are acquired and may attend the annual BBQ at no additional cost.  Additional privileges can be determined by the Finance Committee.



Section 1.  Upon receiving membership in the NTSAA, members shall provide an email address for communication that is not hosted in the unh.edu domain.  Other contact information such as an address or phone number may be provided but is not required.

Section 2.  Contact information for the membership shall be posted on the NTSAA website.

Section 3.  Members shall review and update their contact information as necessary and submit changes to the Secretary.



Section 1.  The President shall run all meetings; in his absence the Vice-President shall assume the Presidents role for that meeting.  The President shall abide by the procedures set forth in these bylaws and may recognize to speak any member during the course of the meeting.

Section 2.  An agenda for meeting is set by the President two weeks before the meeting and posted to the NTSAA website by the Secretary.  Voting Members or the Liaison may submit to the President issues to be placed on the agenda no later than fifteen days prior to the meeting.  The President shall make all efforts to limit the agenda and meeting to thirty minutes or less in duration.  The President shall put all issues brought to him on the agenda as long as they are properly submitted.  The order of the agenda shall be determined by an order of newest members first and then alphabetically by last name.  All issues brought by the Liaison shall be placed ahead of issues brought by Voting Members.

Section 3. When an issue comes up on the agenda, the petitioners are granted two minutes to present the issue.  The president shall call for any opposition at which point the opposition is granted two minutes of rebuttal.  The petitioners are then granted a one minute response prior to a vote.  Should there be no opposition the President may proceed directly to a vote.  The President, at his discretion, may decide to table an issue for addition to the agenda for the next meeting, where more time may be devoted to debate.

Section 4.  Meetings are opened by the President with a reading of the NTSAA purpose.  This is followed by a reading of the previous meeting minutes by the Secretary and a finance statement by the Treasurer.  Issues on the agenda follow with corresponding votes.  The meeting is closed by the President once the agenda is completed and/or outstanding issues are tabled.



Section 1.  The role of Liaison shall be created as a non-voting advisor to the Board; as such the Liaison is invited to attend Board meetings.  The Liaison is to be a current member of NTS and elected according to their constitution and bylaws.  The Liaison shall be the conduit for information between the NTSAA Board or Committees and NTS.

Section 2.  The President shall run the NTSAA, meetings and represent the organization to the public.  The President shall cast tie breaking votes where allowed by these bylaws and preside over all elections and votes.

Section 3.  The Vice President shall assist the President with his duties and assume the Presidents role in his absence.  The Vice President shall also assist the Committee chairs where necessary and coordinate all NTSAA events.

Section 4.  The Secretary shall post all information to the NTSAA website, take minutes of the meetings and initiate correspondence with the membership.

Section 5.  The Treasurer shall keep accurate records as to the finances of the NTSAA and provide that information to the Secretary for posting on the NTSAA website.  The Treasurer’s approval is required for all budgets from Committees. The Treasurer shall serve as the chair of any Finance Committee that is formed.

Section 6. The Historian shall be responsible for collecting and archiving all relevant information about past years of NTS including photos, arrangements, recordings, albums, videos, press, advertising and other relevant information.



Section 1. Elections are held at the December meeting and Voting Members must be present to cast a vote in an election.  Candidates shall be nominated at the meeting in which the election is taking place. 

Section 1. Issues for which a vote is required shall be posted in the agenda for the next meeting.

Section 2. Absentee votes for issues are permitted, should a General member be unable to attend a meeting for which a vote they are eligible to cast is taken.  Their vote should be sent in an email to all members of the board via the address board@not2sharp.com prior to the meeting at which the vote is taken.

Section 4. Votes taken during the December and May meetings shall pass with a vote of a two-thirds majority of the Voting Members and two-fifths vote of the Board.

Section 5. Votes taken by the Board in executive session shall be passed with a vote of three-fifths majority.



Section 1.  The Board shall appoint, at the December meeting, for a year term all Voting Members who volunteer to serve on a Committee so long as the Committee does not exceed seven members.  Should more than seven members volunteer for a single committee, the previous chair of said Committee shall decide which members shall serve on the Committee.

Section 2.  The Chair of any Committee is to be determined by the members of said committee by a simple majority vote, with the exception of the Finance Committee where the Treasurer shall be the Chairman. Should a simple majority not be possible, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

Section 3.  Committee terms are limited to three consecutive years.  The Chair may serve as such for only one year in any three consecutive years.  Should a Chair step down mid-term, a previous chairman may be voted, by a simple majority of the Committee, to serve out the remainder of the term.

Section 4.  All committees shall have a minimum of three and a maximum of seven members.

Section 5.  New Committees may be created by the Board with a three-fifth majority.  These non-standing committees shall be subject to the same rules as standing committees and be in existence until the Board decides via a three-fifths majority to dissolve the committee.

Section 6.  The Alumni Weekend Committee shall be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the annual alumni weekend and all events.  On each anniversary of NTS that is divisible by five, beginning at the year 2002, the Alumni Weekend Committee may coordinate with the Liaison a public show to take place during UNH Homecoming weekend consisting of performances by alumni year, determined by interest of the alumni and the current group.

Section 7.  The Finance Committee shall be responsible for providing recommendations to the Treasurer for expenditures of NTSAA funds.  The Finance Committee shall set the cost for General members to attend the annual BBQ and other NTSAA funded events.

Section 8.  The Show committee shall be responsible for coordinating the alumni presence at the end of semester NTS shows.  They shall make plans for pre-show meals and gatherings, selling NTS merchandise and coordination of post-show festivities, if any, and places for alumni to spend the night.



Section 1.  Only the Secretary shall initiate emails to the alum@not2sharp.com for official communication.  The use of phone, social media such as Facebook, or direct email is encouraged for casual communication ie. parties. Once definite plans have been made they may be passed to the Secretary for distribution to the membership.  This is to prevent email fatigue from the membership.

Section 2.  The Secretary shall publish an annual newsletter to be sent to the membership.  This newsletter shall include new members info, accomplishments of members, important alumni information, major show/event dates and anything else deemed appropriate by the secretary.




These Bylaws shall be established by a vote of a three-fourths majority of the Voting Membership of the organization.


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